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03 October 2017 12:13

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ERCC Training Tracker inability to change password (1 answer)
Hello,    I tried again to download and use the ERCC Training tracker.  I can download and "login" with the default accounts set up but when I need to change my password to make it MY account, it will not let me CHANGE the password, nor save...
Who has a copy of the flight certification for the new 731 vent? (1 answer)
Who has a copy of the flight certificationi for the new 731 vent?
Expiration Dates (1 answer)
On sealed items in the AS such as needles, syringes, IV catheters, etc that have 'use by' dates printed on the packages, are we allowed to keep these items in service past the 'expiration date' as long as the package is intact? It seems pretty...
what med gear/items do you carry on your aircraft (1 answer)
as a PJ, i'm curious as to what med gear/items you all carry on the aircraft you are working on. And what aircraft are you currently flying on, do you use the C130 J model yet, what loadout on that aircraft do you utilize? thank you, TSgt...


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